The Top Destinations in Asia in 2017

Travel To Asia

Asia is the most diverse continent on the planet, and as such offers a vast array of tourist destinations. Whether it’s growing cities in Southeast Asia, quiet beaches in Bali or cultural festivals in China, you have plenty of choices to look forward to. So if you’re looking for the top destinations in Asia in 2017 then here are some options for you to consider.

Do You Like Sunny Beaches?

If you’re looking for someplace warm and sunny in 2017 then your first option should be Seminyak in Indonesia. Although not exactly a secret paradise get-away, Seminyak remains one of the leading resorts in Asia and offers clear beaches and great scenery. Seminyak is also one of the largest tourist destinations in Indonesia, and boasts some of the best major hotels and resorts in the country.

But what if you want something less crowded? Well, there is Havelok Island. This relatively quiet beach is located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and features several inns and hotels. Here, you can enjoy the warm, sunny beaches without having to worry about large crowds.

Finally, if you want a nice balance between peace and commercial convenience, there is Nai Harn Beach in Rawai, Thailand. Nai Harn features numerous inns and hotels as well as hundreds of vacation rentals. Although not exactly a tranquil paradise, the entire area is relaxing, and whether you want to relax or have fun, Nai Harn has something for everybody.



Looking for Peace and Culture?

Maybe you’re the deep and meditative type? Well, there are certainly plenty of temples and forest reserves in Asia, but in 2017, you may want to try something a little special. Maybe you’re not interested in old temples in Bangkok and Osaka, and would prefer something more off the beaten path. Well, here are two options that you may want to consider.

For starters, there’s Ubud in Bali, which offers a good mix of tranquility and comfort. There, you can experience authentic Balinese massage, aromatherapy and reflexology without the noise of urban life. Also, Ubud features a lot of nice, quiet resorts if you’re just interested in recovering some of your energy.

Another great option is the the Terelj National Park in Nalaikh, Mongolia. This place doesn’t feature a lot of chanting monks, but it’s no less peaceful. There, you will be able to experience the wild natural wonders of Mongolia, as you stay in special luxurious yurts and ride real Mongolian horses.

What About Fine Dining?

If you’re primarily concerned about Asian cuisine then there are plenty of great places to go to in 2017. Shanghai, Tokyo and Singapore, for example, are filled with the best restaurants from all over the continent. However, there are plenty of other cities that you can try if you want to try something new.

Among these is Mumbai. Not only is the city one of the most prominent cities in India, the local cuisine offers a nice blend of Mediterranean, Chinese and traditional Indian cooking, definitely something to try if you’re interested in Indian cuisine. A lot of new restaurants have sprung up in Mumbai in recent years, and they may be to your liking.

Another good dining destination for 2017 is Phuket, Thailand. Although Phuket is primarily known for its nice beaches, the economic growth of the community has attracted the attention of a lot of big restaurants. So if you like Thai food then you should give Phuket a visit.

Of course, you can’t have good food without fine wines, and there are plenty of Asian cities and towns that offer native and authentic wine shops. Singapore, for example, is well-known for its fine wines. Also, there is Hong Kong and Taipei. Bangkok also has some authentic Thai wine shops that you can try.

However, if you’d like more Western wines, you can always hop over to Australia and New Zealand once you’ve finished your Asian vacation. Both Australia and New Zealand offer plenty of great wine tours, not to mention their very own wine regions.

There is, for example, the Hunter Valley, 2 hours North of Sydney, which offers some of the best wines in Australia. On the other hand, there’s also New Zealand’s Marlborough, which happens to be one of the country’s leading wine making regions.

So if you’re planning to vacation in Asia in 2017, just remember that there are plenty of options to choose from.