The Must Visit Food and Wine Destinations in Australia

Food and Wine In Australia

Australia has the loveliest natural landscapes that produce a very wide variety of fresh food and wine. From the moment you set foot in the exotic territories of Australia, you will feel the creative freedom. Wait till you taste the food and drink the wine of this productive land. Their fresh produce makes for innovative flavors, and when prepared by experienced chefs, your taste buds will just explode with delicious sensation. Slowly sip the world-class wines in exciting settings that allow you to experience the natural beauty to the maximum. You can enjoy the beauty of food and wine destinations in Australia by joining one of the popular tours available most of the year.

Other than the organized tours, every luxury lodge in Australia offers food and wine enjoyment as part of their experience. All guests enjoy the fresh produce, quality ingredients and a long wine list at luxury lodges. In addition to the restaurant experience, they offer a hands-on experience by connecting the guests with the local people, the places the food and wine are produced at and the produce all in one for a full experience of what the guests eat. Some of these lodges exist primarily to provide this kind of experience to visitors most of which are out for the wine and food experience. Here are some of the destinations worth visiting in your tour.

Arkaba – Flinders Ranges in Southern Australia
Their food and wine are 100% produced in South Australia. This region has a great culinary story with the right soil for fresh produce. The head chef of Arkaba strictly focuses on the local produce in line with the principle adopted by Arkaba of buying local. This ensures they prepare food from the native elements with a unique interest and intrigue for a visiting palate. The wine cellar is purely South Australian selected to show the best wine the state has to offer – mainly grape varieties that are common in the South.

Cape Lodge – Margaret River in the West
It is more of a Gourmet retreat for the culinary enthusiast and those who can appreciate peaceful environments around a boutique hotel. Complete novices and experienced chefs are welcome for the retreat. The lodge also organizes weekends throughout the year where food producers, wine makers and the food and wine lovers come together for classes, wine tasting and dinners for winemakers.

Crystalbrook Lodge- Northern Outback in Queensland
This establishment offers a menu made of 100% local produce. Enjoy the fresh vegetables, grass-fed beef, tropical fruits, native nuts and the best wine Queensland has to offer. Your visit to this lodge will remain etched in your memory and taste buds for years to come.

El Questro Homestead- The Kimberley in the West
Tour the Kimberly and experience the unique flavors of the abundant produce. The chef ensures only the freshest ingredients end up in every food dish prepared. Eat your breakfast featuring the large red pawpaw and local fruits freshly picked. Match crispy skin duck with wild rosella flower chutney and other unique mouth-watering menu items you will only experience in Western Australia. They are never out of season, visit even in winter, and you will not be disappointed with their food selection. In addition to the wide food variety, you get to enjoy Australia’s wine selections unique to the West. Never be troubled how to get to this destination; just choose a reliable tour program that touches Western Australia and relax as you wait to enjoy this local food and wine destination in Australia.

The Hunter Valley
The main way Australia has been opened up to the world is through wine tours that go deep into the hearts and culture of the natives. Visits to the Hunter Valley, for instance, offer visitors a wide variety of wineries and cellars for the visitors to explore, the opportunity to direct questions to the experts and enjoy wine tasting. Tour the vineyards and wineries to experience what Australia has hidden in the countryside. You will even receive some insights into how wine is made, the ingredients and the process in the exciting tours.
Every tour has a different insight and experience. Some places focus on their local food, others on the wide selection of quality wine, whereas for some, it is the landscape, vineyards, wineries, and cellar doors. Visitors have a choice of transport options from the major cities. These include Hunter valley wine tour luxury buses from Sydney, cars, classic cars, horseback and are available for groups or individuals. But if you are after a hands-on experience, you can always find your way to any of the food and wine destinations in Australia just by using your map.