Food and Wine Destinations in the USA

When you finally decide to take that vacation, the US can be one place that will be forever edged in your memories. Besides the breath-taking sights and indulgences, this land of wonder offers great food and wine destinations that not only quench your craving for great food but also allow you to discover tastes and exotic dishes. Food and wine may be the vaguest of reasons for travel and leisure, but more and more people are picking it up. Here are the top destinations for the ultimate dining experience:

1. Honolulu, Hawaii
With the blend and availability of both western and Asian dishes, this city offers more than what you need for the ultimate travel. One outstanding feature is the fact that you enjoy your food and wine in an environment that refreshes both the body and soul. With restaurants almost everywhere and high-quality tourist hotels both inland and on the beaches, the experience can be one in a million. The friendliness of the Hawaiian people will amaze you right from the people serving you to the locals, as you binge while discovering the city. The recipes include the famous ones that you may have always wanted to try.

2. Atlanta, Georgia
Picture yourself sitting at a well-set dining table under beautiful lights while a waiter is smiling down at you requesting if they can take your order … now that is a taste of Atlanta. Night and day alike, this city offers what all food lovers dream about all their life. No wonder its restaurants, which are world famous for instance, the largest drive-in restaurant in the world … are always busy. Get to sip the evening away in beautiful wine glasses that will make you appreciate being alive at that moment. With good hotels to stay at, your vacation will always be a success in this city.

3. Asheville, North Carolina
A serene environment always goes well with any meal. You can delve into the rich variety of foods available in cosy restaurants in this city. It is perfect for those who just want a place from the busy daily life because the forests, gardens, ponds and meadows just do the magic on your inner peace. Whether travelling as a couple or alone, there is something for everyone. Ranging from simple recipes to customizable orders, all you have to do is take a flight to this food haven and get back your life.

4. Portland, Oregon
Famous for its wineries, this city will be an excellent choice for food lovers. You have a variety of wines to pick from to accompany that mouth watering meal. It is purely for those looking for something to finish their craving. It has over time gained popularity through its restaurants that leave every visitor satisfied. Cocktails in this city are taken to a whole new level with the presence of drink experts. Simply walk into any restaurant and place an order and kickback to wash away all the troubles you may have been facing.

5. Washington D.C
This city girded in a veil of rich history is the final one in this list of top food and wine destinations. Enjoy a meal at the heart of the US and feel like the heroes who have shaped the direction of the United States of America. It is a busy city, and so the restaurants are busy day and night offering you a taste of the American life. As the seat of power, you are assured of quality in both the meals and the services provided. It is a great place to travel to and enjoy time away from home while eating the dishes of your dreams. You may need to be ready to spend more in the 5-star hotels which are frequented by executives.


Although travelling for food may not be a cliché among most travellers, the pace it has picked up in the recent years is encouraging. You can now tour places like the US and indulge in a broad range of dishes and wine. Dining is not limited to just the food and wine but rather their combination with an environment that takes your breath away. The above cities will offer you the time of your life, and you will be glad you made the trip.