Outdoor and Adventure Destinations in the USA

There is always that great idea of the United States of America as the great untamed wilderness, waiting to be tamed by man as the most beautiful country of adventure. There are some truly staggering landscapes, from the glassy waters of Alaska, to the sweeping Mountains that spread out through the country.

Among the pastures, there are rugged lands, but also quiet areas of great beauty; a feast of elements and landscapes boastfully stretching out into the distance.


So if you’re looking for high octane elemental adventure destinations, or a pastoral retreat overlooking the land here from a cabin or one of the Smoky Mountain rentals, then this is a guide for you to the Outdoor and Adventure Destinations in the USA.



Canyonlands, Utah

This is a heaven for mountain biking, as getting on your saddle and cycling over these climbs tends to be the best way to get around here.

The largest and most rugged of the national parks, this is a land of steep rocks and beautiful vistas. It would take at least a week to fully experience this park, with many tours tasking six days as they stop off at different locations along the way.


Rocky Mountains, Colorado

If you have ever flown to California the Rockies are hard to miss. Poking into the heavens as you fly over, they are the most distinct part of the journey.

In the Rocky Mountains, there are over 300 miles of walking routes, with paths that will suit everyone, from committed hikers to families that fancy a trip through nature. If you take a driving tour of the area, you can also hit Denver and take in some other national parks around the area.


Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell is one of the largest in the United States, spreading its length over 180 miles, and exploring by kayak brings a great sense of adventure and a feeling of Huckleberry Finn style expeditions. Take a nine-day tour down the water. This is a great area for picking up on American history, gleaning the geology, and a sense of the Native American history of the land.


Smoky Mountains National Park

Stretching over two states this park is the largest in the country. It is also the most visited in the States, though this is no reason to be put off – it is so vast that you can easily get away from the crowds. There are a massive variety of trees and plants here, and the park boasts a diverse ecosystem, encouraging all kinds of nature throughout the plains. This is a land that over the years has inspired great literature and artworks.


In the Smoky Mountains region, there is a diverse range of activities. Naturally, there is hiking through this vast and beautiful, noble lands. There is, true to the name, mountaineering. And then there are the high waters which are perfect for rowing, kayaking, and if you’re feeling into it, outdoor swimming. Then at night, they are perfect for a little night time reflection, with the towering mountains overhead as you rest with your thoughts.


While you are planning your adventure tour, it is important to make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for the trip.


The mere thought of adventure travel fills one with excitement and joy. The beauty of travel just makes you want to go with the flow and enjoy different destinations, cultures, customs, languages and people. From trekking through remote mountains, forests and deserts to exciting physical activities, like climbing mountains, paragliding, rafting and hiking, adventure travel is supposed to be as challenging as it is exhilarating. While you can’t be prepared for challenges, like variable flight delays, missing a flight or a car or bus breakdown, there are several other things you can make sure of, which include your luggage, clothing, ID, passport and other tour essentials.


Given the various challenges of adventure tours, here’s how you can prepare for an excellent and safe adventure trip.


Ensure You Have Peace of Mind

Believe it or not, half of your stress and worries disappear if you have your tour necessities managed. Before you hit the road, you need to make sure you are mentally ready for your travel. To achieve mental peace before you leave for your trip, you need to take care of all of your tour necessities. You can consider consulting with a travel agent to manage your travel docs, like ID, visa, and passport and arrange for other essentials, like flight tickets, itinerary and accommodation.


Ensure health and safety

As you need to be mentally prepared for your trip and make sure you want to do it, being physically fit and healthy is also something as important. For adventure travelers, it is necessary to make sure you are healthy enough to travel. Not only ensuring your health is important, you need to take some vital steps to ensure your health and safety abroad. Travel health experts are capable enough of identifying any possible health conditions to make sure the traveler receives all the required vaccinations and medications before departure.


Packing Tips

Avoiding illness on an adventure trip is necessary to ensure a pleasant and comfortable tour experience. If you are traveling to locations with extreme temperatures, make sure you have some warm woolen clothing in your bag. Add blankets, throws and lightweight clothes to your luggage and avoid stuffing your suitcase with unnecessary fancy fashion clothes. Additionally, do not forget a first aid kit, waterproof or plastic bags for storage, sports shoes or boots, a money belt, and cleansing gel. However, your clothes and other essential accessories may vary from region to region depending on the weather and temperature of the place you are traveling to.


Whatever your destination, following these safety tips will make sure you remain safe and healthy and get the most out of your travel. However, you can make your travel much more convenient and comfy by making your travel arrangements through a reliable travel company. Flight Masters offers some cheap flights to the USA, and many other destinations. You can book cheap flight tickets to India or any of your favorite travel destinations for your desired travel dates.