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Food and Wine Destinations in the USA

When you finally decide to take that vacation, the US can be one place that will be forever edged in your memories. Besides the breath-taking sights and indulgences, this land of wonder offers great food and wine destinations that not only quench your craving for great food but also allow you to discover tastes and exotic dishes. Food and wine may be the vaguest of reasons for travel and leisure, but more and more people are picking it up. Here are the top destinations for the ultimate dining experience:

1. Honolulu, Hawaii
With the blend and availability of both western and Asian dishes, this city offers more than what you need for the ultimate travel. One outstanding feature is the fact that you enjoy your food and wine in an environment that refreshes both the body and soul. With restaurants almost everywhere and high-quality tourist hotels both inland and on the beaches, the experience can be one in a million. The friendliness of the Hawaiian people will amaze you right from the people serving you to the locals, as you binge while discovering the city. The recipes include the famous ones that you may have always wanted to try.

2. Atlanta, Georgia
Picture yourself sitting at a well-set dining table under beautiful lights while a waiter is smiling down at you requesting if they can take your order … now that is a taste of Atlanta. Night and day alike, this city offers what all food lovers dream about all their life. No wonder its restaurants, which are world famous for instance, the largest drive-in restaurant in the world … are always busy. Get to sip the evening away in beautiful wine glasses that will make you appreciate being alive at that moment. With good hotels to stay at, your vacation will always be a success in this city.

3. Asheville, North Carolina
A serene environment always goes well with any meal. You can delve into the rich variety of foods available in cosy restaurants in this city. It is perfect for those who just want a place from the busy daily life because the forests, gardens, ponds and meadows just do the magic on your inner peace. Whether travelling as a couple or alone, there is something for everyone. Ranging from simple recipes to customizable orders, all you have to do is take a flight to this food haven and get back your life.

4. Portland, Oregon
Famous for its wineries, this city will be an excellent choice for food lovers. You have a variety of wines to pick from to accompany that mouth watering meal. It is purely for those looking for something to finish their craving. It has over time gained popularity through its restaurants that leave every visitor satisfied. Cocktails in this city are taken to a whole new level with the presence of drink experts. Simply walk into any restaurant and place an order and kickback to wash away all the troubles you may have been facing.

5. Washington D.C
This city girded in a veil of rich history is the final one in this list of top food and wine destinations. Enjoy a meal at the heart of the US and feel like the heroes who have shaped the direction of the United States of America. It is a busy city, and so the restaurants are busy day and night offering you a taste of the American life. As the seat of power, you are assured of quality in both the meals and the services provided. It is a great place to travel to and enjoy time away from home while eating the dishes of your dreams. You may need to be ready to spend more in the 5-star hotels which are frequented by executives.


Although travelling for food may not be a cliché among most travellers, the pace it has picked up in the recent years is encouraging. You can now tour places like the US and indulge in a broad range of dishes and wine. Dining is not limited to just the food and wine but rather their combination with an environment that takes your breath away. The above cities will offer you the time of your life, and you will be glad you made the trip.

Top 10 Theme Parks to Visit in the USA

Theme Parks in USA

Spring is already here, and it is almost summertime! This means longer, warmer, and fun-filled days. The long-awaited summer break also means that parents have more time on their hands to spend with their little ones. And what’s a better way of doing this than visiting an amusement park accompanied with good friends and family? Unlike other expensive holiday ideas of spending your summer – such as flying abroad – tickets to most amusement and theme parks are relatively affordable. What’s more, a majority of these theme parks will have irresistible offers on their tickets as the summer heat keeps sweltering.



Here’s a quick primer on some of the best amusement parks in this side of the hemisphere.

1. Cedar Point

Popularly touted as the world’s Roller Coaster Capital, Cedar Point has a total of 17 high-powered roller coasters. These should be enough to see you riding all day. In fact, most regular visitors here will fondly describe it as an ‘adrenaline junkie’s paradise.’ It has a broad range of recreational activities fashioned for both grown-ups and kids alike.

2. The Knoebels

It is an old-fashioned amusement park tailored for those of us who are pretty budget conscious and those who miss the 90s theme parks. Unlike many theme parks around the world, admittance to Knoebels and parking are both free of charge. And with a budget of a paltry $100, a family of four can ride, swim and eat all day here.

3. The Walt Disney Magic Kingdom

Commonly referred to as the world’s happiest place, Walt Disney’s Magic realm is the place where you take a trip back to your nostalgic childhood. Otherwise, you can choose to transport yourself to the cinematic Space Mountain and say hello to your favorite childhood Disney Characters.

4. The Schlitterbahn Amusement and Water Park

Spanning across over 65 acres, the Schlitterbahn Water Park has been voted the best Amusement Park in  Northern America for the past 12 years in a row. It is one of the few water parks that features a combination of a roaring water coaster ride, surfing, beaches, and much more.

5. The Six Flags Magic Mountain

This park has outranked Cedar Park as the ‘top theme park with the most roller coasters’ several times in the past two decades. Just like its counterpart in Sandusky, Ohio, the Six Flags Magic Mountain has a total of 18 coasters – including the most famous one here – the Green Lantern. Situated near Los Angeles, the theme park has enough Hollywood flair to keep you busy if you’re not keen on riding the roller coasters.

6. The Universal Islands of Adventure

Although a majority of you associate the Universal Islands of Adventure to the comical and oddly diabolical Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, the theme park is also home to a generous number of 3-D rides, roller coasters, a vibrant nightlife and plenty of good restaurants. And while at it, don’t forget to try the butterbeer – the famous wizarding non-alcoholic beverage.

7. Kings Island

It is one of the most frequented amusement parks in the US receiving more than 3 million tourists every year. The park is particularly renowned for its all-family-friendly tourist attractions; a good example being the Snoopy Island. Besides, any ticket bought to the park includes the admission to the nearby themed water park christened as Boomerang Bay.

8. Hersheypark

It was originally started as a recreational area for the employees of the nearby Hershey Chocolate Factory. However, several decades later it has been renovated to a fully-fledged theme park with plenty of chocolate paraphernalia to boot. More recently, a water park and a trailer of roller coasters were added to make it even more appealing to all generations.

9. Sea World in San Diego

It is one of the only three SeaWorld parks in this side of the world. The theme park was established in 1964 in pursuit of the idea of building the first underwater restaurant in America. Unfortunately, this project never materialized, and instead, they ended up with a marine zoological park. The amusement park showcased over 20 live marine shows featuring dolphins, killer whales, and sea lions. And next year, the park is set to add five more attractions to its turf including one to be named as the Ocean Explorer – a live simulation of riding in a real life submarine.

10. The Knott’s Berry Farm
It is actually one of the oldest theme parks in the US. And, therefore, the perfect place for those looking for classic thrill rides, simple rides or to relive the good ol’ days of family fun.

Top Destinations in the USA

Are you stressed out and bored with your hectic daily schedules? Do you want a change? Are you planning to go on a holiday to enjoy, chill and relax in peace? If yes, there are many holiday destinations in the US you can visit.

The modern and dazzling America is something everyone is familiar with. But, if you have made too many business trips to the USA, you may not even want to see again. But, everyone is fascinated with American history. From the history lovers, businessmen and travel lovers, everyone can enjoy a piece of the old era. You can step out of your routine to check out some amazing historic travel destinations in the USA this holidays. Some are part of the North American holidays, while others are obscure and locally known. With a lot of mesmerizing vacation destinations across the USA, it can get confusing to shortlist a few where you boldly venture into cities like New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Montreal, Las Vegas or Chicago. Etc. But, it is the simple and historic cities of the USA that offer rich and charming US holidays.

The US is one of the most versatile destinations in the world. Thus, one can easily choose from a range of wilderness, sea, mountains, desert and different holiday destinations.



Top holiday destinations in the US:


California is the largest state and one of the top holiday destinations in the US, situated along the western coast. Oakland, San Jose, San Diego and San Francisco are the major cities you can explore here.

The popular tourist attractions in San Diego include:

1. Mission San Deigo De Acala

2. Sea World

3. San Diego Zoo

4. Wild Animal Park

Southern California also boasts of many theme parks including Universal Studios, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm and a lot more.

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is also an attractive tourist destination in California that comprises of some tourist attractions like the China Town, The Golden Gate Bridge, the former prison of Alcatraz Island, the Embarcadero including Mission Bay and South Beach.


Warm sea breezes, the bounteous tropical landscapes and the stretches of white sandy beaches make Hawaii a heaven in itself. If you are looking forward to enjoying adventurous activities and umpteen leisure, Hawaii is a just the right place for you.

New York City:

New York City is not only famous in the US, but also across the world. It is chock-a-block of different ethnic cultures and traits. The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Big Apple and the Central Park are some of the hottest tourist attractions in the US.

Washington DC:

Amidst a panoramic ambiance of American capital, there are such delightful historical treasures to be discovered. You should explore some of the most phenomenal historic sites in the Washington DC walking tour such as the White House, the US Capitol Building, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art, the National Air and Space Museum, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, also the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, the National Museum of Natural History, and the Holocaust Museum.


This is a fascinating and dynamic city with the multitude of historic sites and delightful cultural activities. In this historically glorious drinking town, you can check out some historic sites like Boston National Historical Park, Boston Children’s Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Art Museum, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Boston Common and Public Garden, Fort Warren, etc. In addition to the collection of historic sites, you can also enjoy the scintillating nightlife; walk on the freedom trail, or shopping in Boston’s oldest marketplaces like Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Plus, there is another kind of history to discover – sports history. With the legendary city sports teams, you can check out some awesome stadiums, where sports history is created.


When you plan US holidays, Williamsburg hardly shows up in travel guides or US holiday itineraries. But, what most international travelers don’t know is that this town is a very popular historic travel destination that reveals the nation’s colonial history. So, check out the fully operational 18th-century colonial city for the Governor’s Palace, the College of William & Mary, the James River Plantations, the Colonial Parkway, the original Jamestown Fort, the Yorktown Battlefield, the Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center. This city is like a largest outdoor history museum with real live people in it. Since the US treated the colonial era differently than Canada, this kind of town has a different context in a US holiday than in a Canadian holiday.

Outdoor and Adventure Destinations in the USA

There is always that great idea of the United States of America as the great untamed wilderness, waiting to be tamed by man as the most beautiful country of adventure. There are some truly staggering landscapes, from the glassy waters of Alaska, to the sweeping Mountains that spread out through the country.

Among the pastures, there are rugged lands, but also quiet areas of great beauty; a feast of elements and landscapes boastfully stretching out into the distance.


So if you’re looking for high octane elemental adventure destinations, or a pastoral retreat overlooking the land here from a cabin or one of the Smoky Mountain rentals, then this is a guide for you to the Outdoor and Adventure Destinations in the USA.



Canyonlands, Utah

This is a heaven for mountain biking, as getting on your saddle and cycling over these climbs tends to be the best way to get around here.

The largest and most rugged of the national parks, this is a land of steep rocks and beautiful vistas. It would take at least a week to fully experience this park, with many tours tasking six days as they stop off at different locations along the way.


Rocky Mountains, Colorado

If you have ever flown to California the Rockies are hard to miss. Poking into the heavens as you fly over, they are the most distinct part of the journey.

In the Rocky Mountains, there are over 300 miles of walking routes, with paths that will suit everyone, from committed hikers to families that fancy a trip through nature. If you take a driving tour of the area, you can also hit Denver and take in some other national parks around the area.


Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell is one of the largest in the United States, spreading its length over 180 miles, and exploring by kayak brings a great sense of adventure and a feeling of Huckleberry Finn style expeditions. Take a nine-day tour down the water. This is a great area for picking up on American history, gleaning the geology, and a sense of the Native American history of the land.


Smoky Mountains National Park

Stretching over two states this park is the largest in the country. It is also the most visited in the States, though this is no reason to be put off – it is so vast that you can easily get away from the crowds. There are a massive variety of trees and plants here, and the park boasts a diverse ecosystem, encouraging all kinds of nature throughout the plains. This is a land that over the years has inspired great literature and artworks.


In the Smoky Mountains region, there is a diverse range of activities. Naturally, there is hiking through this vast and beautiful, noble lands. There is, true to the name, mountaineering. And then there are the high waters which are perfect for rowing, kayaking, and if you’re feeling into it, outdoor swimming. Then at night, they are perfect for a little night time reflection, with the towering mountains overhead as you rest with your thoughts.


While you are planning your adventure tour, it is important to make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for the trip.


The mere thought of adventure travel fills one with excitement and joy. The beauty of travel just makes you want to go with the flow and enjoy different destinations, cultures, customs, languages and people. From trekking through remote mountains, forests and deserts to exciting physical activities, like climbing mountains, paragliding, rafting and hiking, adventure travel is supposed to be as challenging as it is exhilarating. While you can’t be prepared for challenges, like variable flight delays, missing a flight or a car or bus breakdown, there are several other things you can make sure of, which include your luggage, clothing, ID, passport and other tour essentials.


Given the various challenges of adventure tours, here’s how you can prepare for an excellent and safe adventure trip.


Ensure You Have Peace of Mind

Believe it or not, half of your stress and worries disappear if you have your tour necessities managed. Before you hit the road, you need to make sure you are mentally ready for your travel. To achieve mental peace before you leave for your trip, you need to take care of all of your tour necessities. You can consider consulting with a travel agent to manage your travel docs, like ID, visa, and passport and arrange for other essentials, like flight tickets, itinerary and accommodation.


Ensure health and safety

As you need to be mentally prepared for your trip and make sure you want to do it, being physically fit and healthy is also something as important. For adventure travelers, it is necessary to make sure you are healthy enough to travel. Not only ensuring your health is important, you need to take some vital steps to ensure your health and safety abroad. Travel health experts are capable enough of identifying any possible health conditions to make sure the traveler receives all the required vaccinations and medications before departure.


Packing Tips

Avoiding illness on an adventure trip is necessary to ensure a pleasant and comfortable tour experience. If you are traveling to locations with extreme temperatures, make sure you have some warm woolen clothing in your bag. Add blankets, throws and lightweight clothes to your luggage and avoid stuffing your suitcase with unnecessary fancy fashion clothes. Additionally, do not forget a first aid kit, waterproof or plastic bags for storage, sports shoes or boots, a money belt, and cleansing gel. However, your clothes and other essential accessories may vary from region to region depending on the weather and temperature of the place you are traveling to.


Whatever your destination, following these safety tips will make sure you remain safe and healthy and get the most out of your travel. However, you can make your travel much more convenient and comfy by making your travel arrangements through a reliable travel company. Flight Masters offers some cheap flights to the USA, and many other destinations. You can book cheap flight tickets to India or any of your favorite travel destinations for your desired travel dates.