Top Destinations for Food and Wine Travel

Connoisseurs of fine food and wine usually cite one characteristic that is shared with the best wines and foods all over the world. For the foodie and wine lovers, the following are top destinations for food and wine travel!


When you think of Italy, you think of food and wine. And if you want to experience Italy in its truest form, you should consider an Italian food and wine tour. They will give you the experience of a lifetime, sampling the food, wine, and history from your favorite of many Italian wine regions. Let us help you pick the right one for you.


There are many areas where you might choose to take your Italian food and wine tour. One of these regions is Tuscany. You should choose Tuscany if you want to enjoy the Italian mountainside with excellent Italian food and wine. The Tuscan people have been making wine for centuries. Touring the area through food and wine could be a dream come true. Sample “new” and “old” wines of Tuscany, watch some of the world’s best olive oil being made and experience dishes full of these perfect Italian flavors.


Another area where you might choose to take an Italian food and wine tour is Milan. You should pick Milan if you want a more exquisite and elaborate wine and food experience. The region of Milan is known for its truffles and Chianti wines. This dry red wine goes absolutely with the area’s gourmet dishes rich with truffles and truffle oil. Consider a day of cooking lessons whilst you are there, so you’ll never forget the perfect cuisine you experience on this great food and wine tour.


Another area that offers excellent Italian food and wine tours is Sicily. Sometimes called The Island of the Sun, Sicily is regarded as the more exotic destinations of Italian culture. Sicily is a melting pot of Italian, Greek, Spanish and even Arab influences, making it a special place to experience wine and food. They give specialties like seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, that pair excellently with their rich, warm red wines.

Bordeaux, France

Ever a strong contender for top spot on the wine tasting list, Bordeaux is one of the exceptional wine growing areas in the World, with many famous and incredible wines on offer, you shouldn’t be disappointed with this one. Make sure you book far in advance for the big vineyards like Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, but there are also a few smaller ones who open their cellar door to the public for tastings. Having eaten in Bordeaux regularly, one knows when one has food with special ingredients long before it arrives at your plate: simply watch the pride by which the food is delivered to your table by the waiter.

Margaret River, Australia

With Caves Road in Margaret River being lined with vineyards nestled amongst huge Karri trees, it’s no wonder this sleepy town 3 hours from Perth has become so popular in recent years. Best known for food and wine. There are the big vineyards such as Vasse Felix and Leeuwin Estate, as well as smaller beauties such as Lenton Brae and The Growers Handcrafted Wines. The area is famous for its powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, but they also do a very decent Semillon Sauvignon Blanc!

Douro, Portugal

The Douro is home to Port wine, and they do make an exceptional one. If you like Port, this is the place to visit, especially as the roots of Port production can be traced back to the Douro. The Fonseca Winery and also Quinta Do Crasto are both worth a visit. Sometimes a Douro tour can revolve solely around sampling a specific dish or food item at various locations

Napa Valley, USA

Napa Valley is home to over 200 wine producers, and as well as being a fantastic area for producing fine wines, Napa Valley also provides a host of fabulous hotels, top restaurants, and lush day spa’s for some relaxation after a hard day tasting wine. Restaurants for best foods that include many special dishes are found here.

Marlborough, New Zealand

Situated on the coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Marlborough is New Zealand’s most famous and fast growing wine region, producing fantastic Pinot Noir, and holding the annual Marlborough Wine Festival. Various luxury resorts are offering its guests cooking sessions with their star chefs. The package would comprise the resort stay and good foods meals, with one or more live demonstrations by the celebrity chefs where guests will be shown how to prepare a various dish or dishes.