Top 7 Destinations in Europe

In Europe, some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world are packed into a relatively small area, which makes it a haven for all types of travelers. From Rome (the Eternal city) to Paris (City of Love), from the beautiful London to the amazing beaches of Spain, the attraction of Europe transcends geography, boundaries and language. Whether you intend to spend just a single weekend or a long vacation, there are lots of attractions and places to explore in Europe. In this article, we have complied the top destinations in Europe:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is famously known for being a laid back and liberal city. It’s one of the top destinations in Europe to let loose and create unforgettable memories. Well, although Amsterdam has a reputation for being a party city, it’s also very scenic and has an incredible history. When you visit Amsterdam, you can rent a bike and go for a ride to enjoy the local scenery. Don’t forget to swing by Nemo Science Museum for the hands on exhibits. You can also check out the Anne Frank Museum and Van Gogh Museum; just remember to purchase your tickets well in advance to avoid long lines.

2. Paris, France
Paris, also known as the city of love, is world famous for its’ romantic restaurants, charming cultural attractions, Baroque architecture, and iconic strolls. Millions of people from all over the world visit Paris every year to experience the city’s atmosphere, fashion, art and high caliber museums which are unlike anywhere else on the planet. Whether you visit Paris for its’ impeccable wine, cuisines, art or fashion, you are sure to fall in love with it. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the magnificent Eiffel Tower, and you can even check out the best masterpieces and artwork on the planet in the Louvre.

3. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is one of the most passionate and romantically vibrant destinations in Europe. The city has every element you would wish for including exotic locations, extraordinary medieval architecture, excellent food, beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture. From the ancient cathedrals, to the groovy beachside nightclubs, Barcelona offers you the very best of both worlds, and this is one of the reasons it attracts all kinds of travelers from all over the world.

4. London, United Kingdom
London is one of the easiest destinations in Europe to explore. Everyone speaks English, navigating the city is easy, and there is plenty to see and do. London attracts people from all walks of life thanks to it’s many famous attractions like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, among many others. London is also the home of the Beatles, it’s the historic capital of the British Empire, and was an inspiration for the book “A Tale of Two Cities.” These are just some of the reasons why London is a top destination in Europe.

5. Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. It is one of the best destinations in Europe to wander around all by yourself, with plenty to see and do around every corner. The residents of Prague are very friendly, and are always willing to help out travelers. The hotels are quite affordable as compared to other destinations in Europe, and there are many free attractions in the city.

6. Venice, Italy
Venice is the perfect European destination to go for a honeymoon, especially for couples who enjoy theatre performances and local cultural events. This gorgeous honeymoon destination offers tourists an unparalleled blend of unforgettable memories from the gondola rides in the Grand canals, to cappuccino flavored kisses. Consider visiting Venice in the winter season if you want to experience this beautiful city at a slower pace and get to soak up its’ incredible culture. Its’ grand canals, extraordinary architecture, and old fashioned atmosphere usually become magical in the winter season, and the lack of crowds is an added bonus.

7. Rome, Italy
The whole city of Rome is actually a World Heritage site. Tourists from all walks of life visit Rome for the ruins, the art, the church and the food. As one of the most seductive, romantic and fascinating destinations in Europe, Rome also offers some of the most memorable cultural sights in the whole of Europe. When you vist this historical city, consider going for a stroll in the Borghese Gardens, and taking in the absolutely beautiful landscape and the historical buildings Rome has to offer.